Top 5 Most Unique Christmas Lights Displays

The Christmas Lights DVD is one full hour of dazzling Christmas lights displays. All of the homes displayed have something that makes them unique as well as interesting. Here is our opinion of the top 5 most unique displays on the most anticipated DVD this holiday season.

# 5.
This house is features a well-wrapped tree with red lighting and giant blue show flakes. Truly an interesting site on a cold winter’s night.

Our 4th most unique house is well lit and adds a bit of flare to the sidewalk. We can imagine taking a strool down this street!

The picture of this house alone does not do it justice. We have seen a lot of houses that are synchronized to music, however this one was the most well-choreographed. You’ll just have to order a copy to get the full effect!

Our second most unique house gets the “Most Stuff on the Lawn” award.

Just looking at this house says it all. It isn’t every day you see solid blue lights. Don’t adjust your TV when you’re watching it though… it’s supposed to be that way!

Of course there are a lot more houses to enjoy, some with a lot more lights, some with a little something you’ve never seen before, but all of them are sure to fill your home with the Christmas Spirit this year! Get your copy of The Christmas Lights DVD today!

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